MOGEL Facilities

The MOGEL laboratory at ODU is fully equipped for the structural characterization of organic compounds and a resource for graduate student training. Major equipment includes capillary gas chromatographs (Agilent) with autosamplers and data systems and three mass spectrometer systems for structural identification. Two GC-MS systems (Agilent) includes the ability for high-mass analysis in EI and CI modes (both positive and negative) for structural identification and quantification of many volatile compounds. Our capabilities for polar lipids, pigments, and peptide mapping are handled with a capillary HPLC system (Agilent) interfaced to an Agilent SL ion trap mass spectrometer system (LC-MS) with atmospheric pressure ionization interface and capability for both electrospray and photoionization excitation. Instruments for separation of various mixtures include three Agilent HPLC systems (one completely portable) with Diode Array and Fluorescence Detectors, autosamplers and dedicated data system. An Iatroscan system is used for lipid class separations and interfaced to a dedicated data system. We also have instrumentation to allow Microwave Assisted Extraction of compounds from a variety of matrices.